TOXIRAT 30 BRODY -wheat-based bait

This product is for home users because of the 0,0029% concentration of the main substance, according to the European norms.

It is a very efficient raticide against mice and rats, which contains an active substance with the largest range of action based on wheat, very tempting for rodents.


  • Very efficient because of its late action;
  • Contains BITREX- a bitter substance that prevents the accidental consuming by humans and animals; 
  • BRODIFACOUM – an active substance of latest technology with a large range of action. 


The bait is based on cereal impregnated with BRODIFACOUM , which thanks to its structure, attracts mice and rats. It is efficient and easy to use, and it becomes active right after ingestion with death appearing only after a few days, without suffering and without other rodents being suspicious about the bait. 


The bait must be stored in a closed room, which doesn’t serve for keeping food, drinks, or animal feed. Keep the bait in the original packaging, at room temperature, away from direct sunlight and humidity. Persons around the set bait must be warned to avoid touching the toxic material. After setting the product you must rigorously wash your hand with water and soap. The product is irritating to the eyes and skin and through swallowing. You must wear proper equipment.


The remaining bait and the corpses of the rodents must be gathered and buried, being toxic for animals. The packaging must be burnt and not thrown in the sewerage. The antidote for this product is the K1 vitamin.